Research Topics

Theme 1: Fundamentals of (Ultra)-Wide Bandgaps

I explore material properties and fabrication challenges with wide-bandgaps, such as machining of Silicon Carbide to create high-aspect ratio and 3D structures. Nanofabrication is fun, as pictured! I also look into material properties, such as high field physics of GaAs and GaN, to enable new sensing mechanisms.

Theme 2: Novel Sensor Development

I create novel sensors through new geometries, field engineering, or creative fabrication methods. My main focus is Hall-effect Magnetometers but I also have interest in mechanical sensors (Pressure sensors, accelerometers, etc)

Theme 3: Integration and Deployment of UWBG Sensors

The most exciting element of sensor research is collecting new data in exciting collaborations. In order to do this, we need to create circuits with high-precision readout ability to collect high-quality data. Then we can deploy these devices in interesting environmetns (such as CubeSats, power transformers, and moters)